here is a new painting i just finished.  it is a commission from my beekeeping apprentice.  if you can’t tell what it is from the title or the image, it is of some jellyfish, and they are swimming.  it is  a gouache painting with ink over top.   after i completed it i read an article about how jelly fish are ruining fishermen and women’s livelihood in japan.  they are getting caught in the fishing nets and can weigh up to 400 lbs and are the size of a refrigerator.  wowsers.  i remember swimming in the chesapeake bay as a kid and once august hit, it was no good.  too  many sea nettles.  i have a distinct memory of jumping off my dad’s crabbing boat into the water and almost immediately being pulled back on due to a large cluster of sea nettles headed our way.

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  1. lynda

    Joelle (aka Jellyfish) feels very special to have her very own artwork…thank you! We LOVE it!!!

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