portrait of a lady

portrait of a lady

recently patrick and i have started helping our neighbors, and friends, eiton and joanna with their chickens.  it is a quite a lovely arrangement.  the chickens live at their house, which is a 2 minute walk across the street, and we take every other week.  we also split the cost and burden of buying feed.  i usually stop and buy feed when i am on my way back from washington, mi checking the bees as there is a grain elevator not far from there.  i really love feeding the girls, even if i am grumpy in the morning i love hearing them cluck and make funny chicken noises when they see us coming.  especially if they are out of their coop, and they see us heading towards the back gate they come running.  i think we have conditioned them to the fact that we often are carrying rotten milk with us, and chickens love some rotten milk!!  at one point patrick decided to create some chicken profiles and took some portraits of the ladies.  this particular ladies name is goldie, and she is a large stately buff orpington.  she is the kind of chicken you want to squeeze because she is so round.  i used patrick’s photo as reference when making this.  this paper cut will be displayed and for sale at the detroit artists market for $125, starting next friday november 6th.


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3 responses to “portrait of a lady

  1. JLC

    Most interesting thing (no offense, because this is an AWESOME chicken) is that one of the automatically generated “Possibly related posts” at the bottom is: “Kanye West on Chicken: I Eat is Because I’m Black”.

  2. eve

    how do you feed them rotten milk? in a saucer? or pour it on their grain, like a little bowl of cereal? I gave our girls a rotten pumpkin the other day- they were in heaven.

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