chickenok so this is the last image i will post until i get back from vacation.  this is an image i made for my friend/neighbor eiton for his partner joanna for her birthday.  they have chickens that we help feed on a rotating weekly basis.  joanna also has a fabulous cover photo for a magazine with her holding a chicken.  those 2 things inspired me to make her a chicken!!  i also really liked only cutting out a small image from the center of a large piece of paper.  thats it!


Filed under commission, papercut

2 responses to “chicken

  1. Nora

    This is the most wonderful chicken – I also really like the layout of it, small in the middle of the paper.

    I’m thinking of commissioning a bull from you for my wife – she’s doing a paper on bovine genetics (among other things) and has some great cow images – I could try to borrow one for you to work from. I’ll email you about it. She also loves chickens, having grown up with them – when I saw this image I wanted it for her.

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