hands & jars

hands and jars

i was recently asked to take part in a nationwide exhibit/publication.  i was asked to provide an image or story in response to this question:

“In the wake of a crisis it takes considerable effort to resume normal life as best possible.  As our current economic crisis careens around Detroit, is resumption of life as it was before the current conditions the only possibility?  For with every crisis, there is also the opportunity to radically restructure the ways in which we live. As an artist living/working in Detroit in 2009, what are the opportunities you see for re imaging a creative future?”

i was going to do some writing to go with the visuals, but i got mixed up with the due date and didn’t want to run over, so i stuck to imagery as my visuals tend to be stronger than my writing.  then my friend bec (that recently moved to pittsburgh) came into town.  although i am happy for her, as she needed a change, i miss her.  she asked me to post some mason jar art.  she was one of the few people that i had in detroit to talk about art with.  i have a hard time figuring out where i fit, in the art community here.  i am not a hip conceptual artist.  in fact i do not even necessarily consider myself an artist so much as a storyteller.  i have a hard time relating to most people who are solely artists.  i am a dirt person.  i am a gardener, a beekeeper, a cook, a fermentation wizard, a mead maker, a seamstress, a lover of creating things with my hands.  all of these skills are the stories i tell through artwork.  their simplicity and complication and the fact that millions of hands have been doing the same tasks for hundreds of years.  i guess that is really what i would have written about in addition to the paperut.  it seems like when complicated situations become more complicated by our need for progress, prestige, money and power that simplicity becomes our need and escape.  ok, so i am just rambling now, i should probably go and run errands so patrick and i can get out of town on sunday and go camping in the upper peninsula.  i guess as my life becomes more hectic in this wonderful city that is so hopeful and desperate at the same time, i crave the simplicity of fresh air, starry skies, and being unplugged from the rest of the world.

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