a christmas memory

christmas memory color

a couple months ago my friend ian was in detroit and asked me to make a paper cut for his mom for her 60th birthday.  after some email communication he decided that he would like the subject matter to be truman capote’s ‘a christmas memory’, as it is one of his mom’s favorite stories.  i had never read and went on to look for any internet sources of the story, and was in luck.  i was thrilled when i read the story.  it had such visually descriptive language that i had more of a problem narrowing down a scene than finding enough written material to be able to make a drawing.  so i decided on the scene where buddy and his friend, along with queenie the rat terrier go to chop down a christmas tree.  this scan looks a bit flat as i had to scan it in pieces and then piece it together on the computer as it was 12″x18″ and bigger than my scanner bed.  maybe one day when i am making the big bucks i will be able to afford a larger scanner.  although i am not holding my breath on that one.  speaking of the big bucks i am thinking of learning more about silk screening so i can make prints of my papercuts and sell them.  it seems like a fun project!


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2 responses to “a christmas memory

  1. Peggy Wallace

    You absolutely should! You’re papercuts are beautiful!

  2. Kristina

    Oh, it’s lovely. And a perfect fit for the story.

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