whose pigs? why they’re frank’s pigs


that’s right folks, all three little pigs as well as this big bad wolf belong to my friend frank.  his lovely wholesome wife jodi commissioned it from me for his birthday.  the idea was that she wanted a picture of the three little pigs (which is one of frank’s favorite tales) but the brick house would be their house, which they bought a little over a year ago.  i was going to do a drawing, but frank happens to have a deft hand when it comes to creating sophisticated snow flakes, so i thought the papercut genre was more appropriate.  when frank received this little creation it took him a while to figure out what the story line was.  seeing as he and jodi own a large hairy dog named kilgore, he immediately said “hey look that’s our house and kilgore!”  then he said “oh look there is a little pig on the porch, well we all know stacey loves pigs” another moment of observation brought about “hey there is another pig leaning out the window,  and what is that smug little pig doing hanging off the porch?”.  eventually frank put it altogether, counted pigs, and noticed the gust of air coming from the large hairy animal and realized that this was in fact a picture of the three little pigs with his house as the brick house.  the best part is that the original idea for the image came from frank’s mouth shortly after they moved in.  so the moral of the tale is, always remember that smug little pigs live in big brick houses and so do frank and jodi (although they aren’t really smug).


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2 responses to “whose pigs? why they’re frank’s pigs

  1. JLC

    You are getting SO good. I like this one a whole whole lot.
    Big time.

  2. MarthaJane Gawronski

    Dear Stacey,
    Frank showed us the Three Pigs you made. I thought it was their dog too. I am really impressed with your beautiful work. You are so talented! Super work!

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