oh those glorious fruits


toms 2

after a reasonably terrible day that included a really stressful workday where nothing went right, followed by the news that a piece of artwork i had made, that was a surprise gift for my friend’s mom’s birthday never made it t him, it was nice to come home to these beauties.  i harvested all of these today.  i gathered them in the folds of my skirt and brought them inside.  it is fantastic that these are the fruits of the same plants that we started from itty bitty seeds in our house 5 months ago.  now they have come full circle and are sitting in the same room where their life began.  some will be dried, others roasted, eaten fresh or even saved for seed, so that when March hits we will begin the process all over again.


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2 responses to “oh those glorious fruits

  1. Rick R

    Hi, I live subur’ of Chicago, IL. Where can I buy fresh paw paw fruit or go for test of paw paw fruit in MI.



    • i don’t think paw paw is so much commercially available as fruit does not keep long and the trees do not bear much fruit. your best bet is to look in parks that are on the edge of a river and look for trees in mid september and then shake them and see if they drop any fruit!

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