clean sheets

sheetswhen i was little i always helped my mom with laundry in the summer.  we never used the dryer in the warmer months.  i found pinning up socks and underwear tedious work, and shirts and pants were always a bit of a stress because i never wanted to leave an obvious clothes pin mark at the shoulders.  but the one thing i always liked putting up were sheets, especially top sheets.  to this day the smell and feel of a freshly laundered sheet brings me back to running around barefoot, playing in dirt piles and making barbie lagoons in the backyard.  there is something so comforting about the cool dampness of a sheet fresh out of the washing machine, smelling lovely.  they were always cold because my mom only washed whites in warm water, everything else was washed in cold.  i suspect that this was a result of a desire not to shrink things as well as save a few pennies.  in fact when i got older and found out that some people washed all of their clothes in hot water i felt like one of my reference points about the world was shattered.  like the time after i learned to read and we went to pizza hut and i found out it wasn’t “pete’s hat”, it was never the same for me, that sense of comfort of eating pizza under the safety of pete’s hat disappeared.  i remember hiding between the sheets on hot days and pressing my sweaty face against the damp coolness of them.  and then when they were lazily swaying in the breeze and had fully dried my mom and i used to do that strange sheet folding origami that i always enjoyed.  my mom had particular ways of folding laundry, that i assume she picked up her mother.  i myself still fold laundry the way my mom does.  in fact when patrick and i started living together and out laundry began commingling i was frankly shocked to see how he folded things, especially shirts.  i also think he was just as shocked to see the way i folded things.  to this day, after almost seven years of commingling laundry we both still fold clothes the way out mamma’s taught us, and both of us take great comfort in knowing the our way is the right way.

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