sailing on a sea of bacon

pig shipa couple months ago my aunt katie sent patrick and i a wedding gift.  it was quite exciting as it arrived in a large box.  i spent a minute or two trying to remember if i had purchased something recently and forgotten about.  i opened the box and it had two smaller boxes inside, and i then realized it was a gift.  the thoughtful thing to do would have been to wait for patrick to get home and open it together.  but unfortunately for patrick i love presents more than i love being kind or thoughtful.  so i gleefully tore into the packaging.  inside were two ceramic pieces, one was a lovely golden yellow baking dish.  the other was a serving dish that was round and wine red, with the head, feet, and tail of a pig.  i giggled quite a lot when i opened it because it was so cute!  then i felt quite touched that my aunt, whom i haven’t seen very often in the past 20 years bought me such a thoughtful wonderful gift.  as soon as i saw it a vision of some squirrel and rabbit pirates sailing in the pig bowl ship on the high seas came to mind.  so i decided to draw it.  the drawing (original is black and white) was meant for a thank you card to my aunt katie, that i haven’t sent as of yet but will.  so this is my early/very late thank you!!!

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