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so as of late between 2 part time jobs, my home garden, community garden and my new capitalist venture i have not had much time to make new art work.  so i am posting some photos of my small charges instead.  in february a friend of mine asked if i wanted to grow some heirloom tomato transplants to sell at the market.  and i thought sure, i don’t have much going on, and i jumped in with very little planning beforehand.  now that in itself is against my nature.  i plan everything!  sometimes when i feel down i make lists of things just to feel better.  even when i fold laundry i am planning the most efficient way to stack and then put away said laundry.  i have always been a planner.  as a child i spent one summer needle pointing ornaments for christmas, because you can never start too early, and by the time you want them you are too busy.  that same summer i bought a book of christmas carols with sheet music and lyrics.  i was determined to learn all the words to the songs in the book so that on christmas eve, when we were driving home from church i could out shine my sister by knowing ALL the words to every song that came on the radio.  thereby garnering the position of being the most talented and gifted child my parents had ever seen.  they would think my sister was just a pale shadow in comparison to this exquisite songbird they had raised (don’t forget that amazing brain, why to memorize all those songs!).  of course all of my careful planning flew south when not a single song that i knew came on the radio that evening.  so all i was left with was a head full of frosty and a small needle point of santa (at least i learned how to do french knots).  i never learned my lesson after this crushing defeat.  even though in retrospect i realize that my sister, nor my parents would have really cared had i known every song on the radio.  my sister would have still wished to be an only child (or to have a mute sister) and my parents probably would have just thought i needed a bit of therapy.  most of my carefully laid plans in my life have never had to come into action, but they always make me feel secure.  i have the “just in case” figured out.  so this foray into the unknown has been quite good for me.  i thought patrick would be very annoyed with me when after potting up almost 200 tomato plants i said “um, i don’t think we have enough room under the grow lights”, but instead he offered his best solutions and helped me out.  i am not sure if it is because i didn’t get stressed out about it or because he thinks a break from planning everything is good for me, but he has been quite supportive.  i get daily pleasure from watching my little plants grow, smelling that distinctive tomato and basil scent every time i water, and envisioning plump juicy tomatoes sliced on a platter and drizzled with a good olive oil and some chopped basil.  so if you are in detroit on saturday may 16th, 23rd or 30th come see me and my tomatoes and basil at eastern market.  i have learned quite a few lessons from this venture, but i am still a planner and quartermaster at heart.  when you see me i will still always have lip balm in my pocket, a water with me at all times, have taken inventory of what is around me and know where the nearest bathrooms are.

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  1. JLC

    Duh, it’s because he wants basil and tomatoes just as much as the next guy… also, Patrick loves to plan. As does my ladyfriend. We’re a planning family.

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