8 days and counting


8 days and counting.  8 days of melting snow to flush toilets.  8 days of trudging down the street carrying gallon jugs of water.  8 days of showering at other people’s houses or the ymca.  8 days of waiting for the city water department and tell me he same thing.  8 days of anxiously waiting for my water to be turned back on.  8 days of waiting.  


so today being day 9 is the first full day we have had water.  while i am fond of little house on the prairie and water conservation, lacking a direct source of running water seemed to cause me a great deal of anxiety and stress.  i can also admit that dealing with the city water department does not fill me with a great sense confidence in my chosen cities services and employees.  so after coming closer to an anxiety attack than i have in the past 3 years, i can feel my tension easing with each trickle of water flowing out the tap.


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2 responses to “8 days and counting

  1. Zina

    What a pain! I can relate to your situation. We used to run out of water a lot when I was a kid. I remember digging holes in the backyard in lieu of a toilet. Of course that was in sunny California and not in the city. I’m glad you finally got the water turned back on…8 days is way too long.

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