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so as of late i have a new obsession, and that is the talking book.  i have been downloading them from the library and reveling in all the young adult fiction i can handle.  i find myself doing almost any task that requires very little active thought.  so as a result i have been listening to talking books all day and making things.  the above photos are of a small stuffed pig i made yesterday.  i am not sure what inspired me to make the pig, i just convinced myself that it was a good usage of my time.  i have been going through 2 books a week now.  i have a feeling that they are going to help me get through the winter.  for the past few days i have been feeling a bit down, with the change in weather and the grayness combined with being by myself at home all day.  but today i feel back to my old self!  so i am going to include a list of things i have done, or a going to to do today:

1. eat pie for breakfast

2. receive presents in the mail, wedding presents to be exact. (at one time i told patrick that my only reasoning for wanting to get married at all was to a. receive gifts and b. go on a vacation aka honeymoon, while i have recently added health insurance to that list i still contend that i LOVE receiving presents)

3. sort through my recently purchased dyed alpaca wool

4. rack pear ginger cyser into secondary fermenters

5. put a second coat of paper on my paper mache cornucopia 

6. cut out diorama figures that fit inside cornucopia

7. drink coffee

8. make pizza for my hardworking friend patrick

9. do all of this while listening to young adult fiction read aloud to me

10. read tax law in the basement (for patrick’s benefit only)

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