pigs. . . again

i honestly don’t know why i so often dream of pigs.  the other night i had a dream that of all places i was at an obama rally with patrick and bobby.  we became enraged at people asking annoying questions and went outside feeling hopeless.  outside it was dark and there was a grassy courtyard with some benches and a fountain in the middle.  patrick and i plopped on the ground while bobby opted for a bench.  the stars were unusually bright, as they tend to be to city dwellers when they have a chance to actually see them.  there was one halo of stars that were burning fiercely and cast in a green glow.  out of the middle of the halo a hog’s head appeared made up of orange stars.  the hog opened its mouth and another hogs head in yellow stars appear and said “it might all work out”.  the emphasis was put on the word might.  then the orange hog closed his mouth on the yellow one and they blinked out.  so when i woke up i decided to do what any sane young woman in my position would, i made a diorama of the event.  while i do not know exactly what that meant i have come to think that maybe pigs have a better grasp on the world today than most humans and dioramas are really cute.

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