snow suit

i spent a good portion of my day yesterday canning applesauce and pear butter.  after that i decided to tackle our “stuff” room.  the advantage of having two people living in a 3 bedroom flat is that you get to turn extra bedrooms into themed rooms.  in the first house that we lived at in detroit we had even more space, as it was a 4 bedroom 2 storey house that we solely inhabited.  we had a cd player room, the office, seasonal bedrooms, a sunroom, and my personal favorite, the ball bouncing room.  yes folks an entire 14’x16′ room dedicated to the activity of ball bouncing.  it seems to work when you have had a few beers and are listening to records, while not owning much furniture except for a large yoga ball.  while i miss the ball bouncing room our new house has rooms such as the dressing room, that contains our clothing, or the studio, which is where i work out of, and then everything else gets put into the “stuff” room.  it has a wall of milk crate shelving and well you guessed it, lots of stuff.  it contains all those things that two people who do art, gardening, fermentation and urban homesteading need to have.  such as the 40 lbs of washed wool that i inherited after an italian woman donated it to earthworks.  i had grand visions of making a mattress that never came to fruition.  it also houses cases of empty wine bottles for mead, beekeeping equipment, an extra bike, shelves of sketchbooks, piles of fabric, paintings and an extra mattress.  so as i was navigating the clutter i came across some old photos.  in the stack i found the photo above.  in order of left to right it is me, my mom (peg), and my older sister beth.  i was very excited that i got the coloring of my pigs snow suit so close to that of my childhood snow suit (if this information is meaningless to you please reference pigs part deux entry).  so i thought i would post them side by side.  except i can’t decide who is cuter in the snow suit, my sister and i or the pig, but i think the pig might be winning.

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