spiderspun is up

so i finally feel like a very large albatross is off my back, or is that supposed to be around my neck?  anyway for the past year i have been part of an illustrators collective with two of my very talented friends, miss bec and miss megan and we have been working towards getting a website up.  i felt like once this was up i could proceed with the rest of my plan for self promotion and the like.  well after much head scratching and way too many utube tutorials for building a web page, the web page is up.  matt schultz, who is a dear kind person spent two hours with me getting the web page up and then helping fix the reasons why is wasn’t working quite right.  so if you are in need of some web services please contact matt, he is a great person to work with, you can get in touch with him at http://www.winterroot.net.  so spiderspun illustrators collective’s website can be seen at: http://www.spiderspun.org.  check it out!!!  besides getting the website up, for the past week i have been furiously working on hand binding two books of my drawings for an art show in ann arbor that opens next friday.  the show is called edibles and the gallery is called the works, the opening is from 6-9pm next friday sept. 12th and the address is 306 south state st. ann arbor, mi.

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  1. JC

    Monkey on the back; albatross on the neck. Or you can put them both on and they can duke it out. Good work, you.

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