passive driver

first off, i really don’t like driving all that well.  i always feel like i am missing something important while i am driving that i could be seeing out the window, such as a hawk or a billboard for the beef jerky outlet in 5 miles, then 3 miles, then the next exit.  i think i get this tendency from my father.  as a youngster my father’s hobbies ranged from hunting and  metal detecting to trash picking at the dump.  the thing that all three of these have in common is the action of looking for something.  i remember driving in the car with him and worrying a bit (as i am inclined towards that type of activity as well) because he spent most of his driving time looking at everything but the road.  he cheerfully pointed out EVERY single deer that we saw, and living in a rural area that was a lot, to the turkey buzzards or mrs. johnson’s newly acquired piece of lawn art, or the fact that mr. romanowski was once again mowing his lawn.  he would get particularly excited when we would come across a piece of road kill.  see he was also a trapper and was definately not above picking up a fresh racoon and bringing back to the old garage and skinnin’ the sucker and sellin’ the fur.  we acquired quite a bit of fresh venison when someone else unfortunately hit a deer.  or if you are from an area where deer are prevalent you would say (for insurance purposes) a deer hit you.  so on  recent trip up north i was as usual taking in all of the sights of the road and noticing the amount of road kill. i didn’t pick any up, but thought that my dad would be happy at least that i was looking.  i find that because of my youth it is impossible for me to not look at everything.  i am continually amazed that people fail to see all that is around them.  i haven’t lived with my father for almost 13 years, yet i still scan every parking lot i walk through for something shiny of that odd 20 dollar bill that could be hanging out.

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  1. Lisa

    Stacey, I love this story! You’ve made me smile once again.


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