i feel like i have to post this memorial to princess.  princess was a goat at catherine ferguson academy.  every wednesday evening patrick and i milk goats there.  princess was everyone’s favorite goat, she was like a very big stubborn dog.  she was attacked by a pitbull some years ago and as a result had lost her ears.  oddly enough that made her look sort of like a pitbull.  princess died this summer from tetanus.  being at the barnyard just isn’t the same without her.  if i were drinking a 40 i would tip it for her, but as i am sitting in my house drinking coffee and don’t want to clean up the coffee i intentionally spill, i will just say i miss her.

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  1. JC

    Have I mentioned that you are the cutest sister-in-law ever? I didn’t know that you were still posting until Mom & Dad told me the other day. This is a Priceless Princess Post.

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