oooh the durian

i don’t know if any of you have had a durian, or even know what one is, but the durian is a prickly tree fruit from southeast asia that can weigh 5lbs or more.  the fruits drop from the tree when they are ripe and apparently can, and have, caused death by dropping on peoples heads as they walked under the trees when they are ripe.  the durian develops a strange scent that according to oxford’s companion to food is often described as “a civet cat, sewage, stale vomit, onions, and cheese. . . eating the flesh was not that different from having to consume used surgical swabs.”   the fruits are actually banned from most public places in southeast asia, including, but not limited to buses and elevators.  while those who are fans of the durian describe i as “a rich butter like custard highly flavoured with almonds”.  so you may be asking yourself why someone may want to try such a fruit, but i ask why not.  so one day while at a vietnamese restaurant patrick decided to try the durian smoothy.  myself feeling like we didn’t need 2 durian smoothies at the table went with the delicious iced coffee full of condensed sweetened milk.  needless to say my drink was a bit more enjoyable.  the durian smoothy tasted like a creamy sweet slightly onion flavoured drink.  i’m not sure patrick will order it again.  afterall there is still the soursop fruit smoothy we haven’t tried.


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2 responses to “oooh the durian

  1. Patrick

    yeah, durians are weird. but not as weird as your dreams. I need another fix, add another post soon.
    strangely I keep thinking about durian smoothies. I guess I just can’t get it off my mind.

  2. bec

    This reminds me of the ground cherries that someone we insisted that we fill a whole bed of the community garden with. When I was introduced to them, I was told that they taste “disgusting…like onions, pork and pineapple together in a little fruit.” I didn’t think they were that bad, but I haven’t picked any more, either. The person who insisted we plant them has mysteriously disappeared.

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