pigs part deux

the saga of the pigs continues.  after catherine ferguson academy (where i milk goats once a week) received a pig that was pregnant i began obsessing over those lovable porkers again.  after the piglets were born my pig dreams returned.  i dreamt that i was at my parents house in the winter.  i was playing outside in the snow with my pet pig as well as my parents wiener dog, olivia.  my pig was dressed in a full snow suit, moon boots, and a hat with a little bobble on top.  the snow suit very closely resembled the snow suit i wore as a child, except of course it was being worn by a pig and not a child.  my pig also a small dump truck that it could fit into and walk around in, sort of like a dump truck suit.  i thought about getting a dream dictionary to make some sense of all this, but frankly i am a bit nervous about what it may reveal about me.

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