after reading michael pollen’s book, “the omnivore’s dilemma”, i began thinking about pigs a lot.  i have always loved the idea of a pig.  you know that dog like affection mixed with the cute rotund body of an animal that contains bacon.  so i started having some dreams involving pigs.  in this one, i dreamed that i was walking my pet pig through the woods.  it was a bucolic scene of rolling hills and shady groves littered with acorns.  then suddenly my pig and i were apprehended by several other pigs who had made their homes in this peaceful setting.  they came out holding crowbars and slapping them threateningly against one hoof.  these pigs were kind enough to converse with us and give us their blessings to walk through the woods and for my pig could feed on acorns.  maybe it is a sign that i need a pig.  but i don’t believe that i could move from pet to dinner that easily.  i mean it easy enough to spend an afternoon with leah and jessika discussing the how to aspects of slaughtering pigs, but when it comes down to it, i don’t think i could kill my dear friend and then gleefully eat them.


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3 responses to “Pigs

  1. Acorns sound like a nice snack.
    The one and only time I went to camp, the pigs were my most reliable companions–I was punished by the camp counselors and told to shovel the pigs mess from one pile to another and back again. All the while the piglets watched, snorting and running alongside me.

  2. Stacey,
    Your drawings are a great mix of how you describe the pigs you know.

  3. bec

    oohhh… love the color. Pigs are great, they are so smart! I was thinking about how it would be cool to have a pet pig, and then I realized that my cat is shaped like a pig.

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